About Me

Hi.... I'm Andi

I started taking pictures in 2015 when I began looking for a "side hustle" to get my son through college.  I found a trailer with old time props and costumes and I bought it hoping that visitors to Red River would enjoy an old time photo.  I've been hooked every since that first click. Loving every aspect of the business and my camera I began to experiment and practice on my kids and my friends.  The first time someon asked me to shoot a wedding I was terrified but willing.  I rented a full frame camera and watched tutorials for days.  It was thrilling and the wedding party sang my praises with a simple sentence:  "priceless." While I am creative and have a somewhat romantic and maybe even messy approach to weddings and stories in general, I also have a passion for the technicalities and equally adore putting the photo in stylish compositions.  

My mission statement

To be the funnest and most professional photographer in Northern New Mexico